The University of Arizona

UA Fusion Winter Break Day Camps are Coming!
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COST: $50 per day

DATES: Jan. 2nd -Jan. 5th

TIMES: 9am-4pm

EARLY CARE: 7:30-8:30, $5 per day

AFTER CARE: 4:30-5:30, $5 per day

AGE GROUPS: Kindergarten-2nd grade and 3rd-6th grade


Kinder-2nd Grade

Island Survivors (Tuesday, January 2nd)
Did you know we have an island in Tucson? If you’ve been to Mt. Lemmon then you’ve visited a sky island! Through games and hands-on activities we’ll learn what makes this oasis so unique including how plants and animals survive and why they call our sky island home.

Jr. Engineers (Wednesday, January 3rd)
Ready. Set. Build! This camp will ignite your inner engineer! Using Legos®, we’ll explore the world of simple machines, build a motorized car, and learn to modify our creations to make better, faster, and stronger machines.

Science Detectives (Thursday, January 4th)
There’s a mystery to solve! Whodunnit? How? Do we have any proof? Our campers will become savvy sleuths and use their investigative skills to look for clues, gather evidence and solve a crime.

3-2-1 Blast Off! (Friday, January 5th)
Orbiters, Landers, Rovers, oh my! We’ll explore various spacecraft and their purposes. Build your own spacecraft and answer the questions: will it orbit a planet or asteroid? Will it land on a planet or moon? Or, will it rove around the surface of a planet, moon or asteroid? The sky’s the limit with your creativity in this camp.

3rd-6th Grade

Starstruck (Tuesday, January 2nd)
Billions of stars twinkle in our galaxy, but there is one that steals the show -- our sun!  This celebrity of the sky gives us light, keeps us warm, and even makes much of the food we eat.  Through hands-on activities and a trip to the planetarium, we will discover how the sun is linked to all life on Earth and how we can use its energy to make our lives better.  From sundials to spectroscopes, solar ovens to solar telescopes -- come join other helio-astronomers (sun scientists) as we explore all that makes the sun so special! 

From Magma to Mountains (Wednesday, January 3rd)
Embark on a geologic journey as we follow the adventures of rocks, fossils, minerals, and more!  They’ve been around for millions of years and through extreme conditions -- these treasures found beneath our feet have fascinating stories to tell. In this camp we will experiment with materials, heat, and pressure to form metamorphic “rocks”, learn how crystals are created, and marvel at the huge collection of gems and minerals in the world-class Mineral Museum right here at Flandrau! 

Lego®Innovators (Thursday, January 4th)
Calling all inventors and engineers!  If you like building with Legos® and tinkering with machines, this is the camp for you!  Explore the amazing work of gears, pulleys, levers and wheels as you build and modify a variety of motorized machines. How much weight can your machine pull?  How fast can it go?  What problems can it solve? Practice those engineering skills as you put your builds through as series of fun challenges!

Color Chemistry (Friday, January 5th)
We all know that science is fun, messy and awesome, but did you know that it can be beautiful too?  Crystals and emulsions and pigments galore -- discover the fascinating colors, shapes, and designs created by chemical reactions.  Learn how artists use scientific concepts to mix up their own paint and make their masterpieces.  With a paintbrush in one hand and a pipette in the other, get ready to explore the science of art in this colorful camp! 



Don't miss out on a fun way to add learning to your winter break. See you soon!