The University of Arizona

2017 First & Second Grade Camps

These full-day camps are designed for children who will be entering first or second grade in the fall of 2017. Camp operates Monday through Friday, from 9am to 4 pm, with early (7:30-8:30am) and after (4:30-5:30pm) camp care available for an additional charge. In addition to all of the hands-on projects and experiments, camp includes utilizing an air-conditioned gym on campus. Camps may include on campus field trips and guest speakers.

Week 1, June 5th-9th: Desert Dwellers

Calling all desert dwellers! Get an up-close look at some unique creatures that call our Sonoran Desert home through hands-on activities, stories and much more. Come explore with us!

Week 2, June 12th-16th: Weather Bug

 Learn to be a weather expert. Hands on science experiments will spark your curiosity about rain, snow, clouds and more. You will be a regular weather forecaster by the end of this camp!

Week 3, June 19th-23rd: To Infinity and Beyond!

 The discoveries are endless when you look to the stars. Become a junior astronomer as you learn about our galaxy, how to identify planets in our solar system, and learn the stories of the night sky in our FullDome planetarium theater. We will explore our galaxy and beyond!

Week 4, June 26th-30th: Insect Inquiry

 What better way to learn about insects than with hands-on learning in our Insect Discovery Lab?! You’ll learn to love insects and find out what makes them unique. Through play and with live specimens, learn how insects use their senses to survive.

Week 5, July 5th-7th (3 Day Week): Chemistry Kids

  Fizz, bubble, pop! Find out what a chemical reaction is as you hypothesize, create, and experiment with fellow scientists. This camp is sure to please your inner mad scientist since some mess will be required!

Week 6, July 10th-14th: The Life Aquatic

 Fish, whales, and sharks, oh my! The ocean is full of life. In our Marine Discovery Lab you will learn how ocean plants and animals survive in the biggest part of the earth. Explore unique animal adaptations and why they are so important in the life aquatic.