The University of Arizona

2017 Fifth-Seventh Grade Camps

These full-day camps are designed for children who will be entering fifth or sixth grade in the fall of 2017. Camp runs from 9am to 4 pm, with early (7:30-8:30am) and after (4:30-5:30pm) camp care available for an additional charge. Camp includes swimming in the Rec Center pool twice per week and utilizing an air-conditioned gym on campus. Camps may include on and off-site field trips and guest speakers.

Week 1, June 5th-9th: Blast From the Past!

This camp explores where geology and archeology meet. Learn how humans used their natural environment for survival as we discover their ancient technologies. Explore artifacts and how they tell us stories of the past and what they tell us about our lives today.

Week 2, June 12th-16th: Our Place In Space

Discover the origin stories of constellations, the moon, and other celestial bodies, while we will learn about methods of space exploration and habitation. Explore our solar system, its contents, and our place within it during a trip to our FullDome planetarium theater.

Week 3, June 19th-23rd: Lego Obstacle Course Challenge

Explore the relationship between force and motion in this camp aimed at future engineers that like a challenge. You and a partner will design motorized machines to accomplish specific tasks for varying obstacle course challenges..

Week 4, June 26th-30th: Shark Week!

Friend or foe? Learn what makes sharks such fascinating creatures. In our Marine Discovery Lab we’ll explore shark anatomy and their adaptations including factors affecting shark buoyancy and speed, human impact on shark populations and habitats, as well as, predator-prey dynamics and behavior.

Week 5, July 5th-7th (3 Day Week): Stewards of the Planet

Become a steward of the planet as you explore the environmental challenges Earth faces. Learn about human impact on renewable and non-renewable natural resources and sustainable solutions such as water conservation/harvesting, recycling, upcycling, composting and the role you can play in helping preserve our planet.

Week 6, July 10th-14th: Graphic Novel 2.0

Calling all writers and artists! This popular book genre is back for more this summer in the 2.0 edition! You and other storytellers will work to create thumbnails and storyboards as you develop your unique style of storytelling to create your own graphic novel by the end of this camp.